Depression Treatment In Drug Rehab

It is not uncommon to see a person with depression struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Such a co-occurring problem can actually magnify the difficulties with both depression and addiction.To counter this, the Cirque Lodge drug rehab program has instituted a dual diagnosis service to address both problems at hand. Therapy services are engineered to look at the disorder and address the problem as it presents itself.

Depression can be the reason behind the addiction. People who develop depression are often times more recluse and can turn to drugs and alcohol to satisfy their condition. Depression can also present itself in forms of pain throughout the body. With this condition, an individual can turn to narcotic prescription drugs to end the pain, and develop an addiction to these drugs. These addictive substances are taken to suppress the depression. The development is an addiction and a greatly compounded depression issue.

Depression increases the risk of developing addiction. The central nervous system of someone struggling with depression is more susceptible to the influences of drugs and alcohol. Recent studies have shown that within people who have been diagnosed with depression that over 50% were dependent on drugs, 37% abused alcohol, and 25% were struggling with both drugs and alcohol abuse. Some therapy officials feel that the very same thing that causes depression is the thing that increases the risk of addiction.

Adversely, alcohol and drug addiction can be the cause of the depression. The make up of some drugs can create a sense of depression within the individual. This can depend on the extent, the amount, and type of drug or alcohol that is abused. Drug rehab programs will usually stop the abuse of alcohol and drugs to see if the depression begins to fade. If the symptoms of depression begin to disappear, most likely it was brought on by the addiction itself.

Depression, Addiction Treatment and Diagnosis

In looking for a drug rehab program for you or a loved one, it is advantageous to seek an addiction treatment center that offers a dual diagnosis service. Dual diagnosis works with many types of psychiatric disorder, beyond depression. An effective dual diagnosis drug rehab can bring a halt to addiction and then address the issue of depression. This provides a proper recovery for both of the problems at hand.

source: Information provided by Cirque Lodge a private alcohol and drug rehab program in Sundance Utah.



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