First International Addiction Symposium

On February 28 and 29, the First International Symposium of Addiction Medicine, Neurobiology of Drug Addiction, will be held in Escazú, Costa Rica. The subject will be "The Neurobiology of Addiction to Alcohol and Other Drugs."

All presentations will be simultaneously translated in English and Spanish.

The Symposium is a collaborative project between the University of Virginia, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED) and Asociación Centro de Rehabilitación para el Adicto (ACERPA), as an answer to a growing concern in the health system and in society, about the prevalence of abuse and addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

The main goal of this Symposium is to transfer first line information and obtain treatment techniques for the disease of addiction, given by medical and psychology experts from the University of Virginia, University of Texas at Houston, Wake Forest University, NIDA, and NIAAA.

We will have lectures on the results of the latest research in neurobiology of alcohol and drug addiction, genetics of nicotine addiction, pharmacology and psychosocial treatment techniques based on scientific evidence.

Also, on the second day, we will have practical workshops to train the delegates on the latest treatment techniques developed and proved by experts in the addiction field.

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