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While alcohol addiction is a difficult problem when you are addicted, staying sober can be even more of a problem. However, if you are supported by a large group of people, including family, friends and fellow alcoholics you have a much greater chance of staying sober for a long period of time.

Sober N Clean is a small group of recovering alcoholics who support each other through their recoveries. While there are currently just under 200 members, most members login at least several times a week to participate in conversations on how to better themselves and keep on a sober path. Some of the top members on Sober N Clean have thousands of posts. They help keep the forum active and able to help the addicts who turn their lives into something positive. Sober N Clean is mainly focused to be a forum, but it provides so much more information to people who need help with their addiction. There are resources for how to quit, how to stay sober and how your loved ones can help your overcome your addiction. In addiction, Sober N Clean has links to knowledgeable products such as The Addicts Guide and Getting Sober: What to Expect.

There are plenty of ways that you can bond as a community on Sober N Clean as well. With an on-site arcade, chat, and site directory you can find plenty more information no matter what time of day that it is. While there are still relatively few members on Sober N Clean, some posts and threads have racked up thousands upon thousands of views. Not only can your story help a recovering alcoholic who is a member on Sober N Clean, but you may be able to help an alcoholic who has never been sober before.

You do not have to be addicted to alcohol to join the Sober N Clean community, there are addicts of substances who posts as well. There are many similarities between addictions that you can see as a visitor on Sober N Clean. Addicts of all kinds who are trying to get their lives back on the right path need constant support and mentoring in order to avoid going back to their previous addiction filled lives. There are sections of Sober N Clean for family of recovering addicts as well. Being a family member or a friend of an addict can be extremely difficult. Some families try to distance themselves from the addict or even push the addict out of their lives. However, on Sober N Clean you can remain a vital part of your addict's life and allow them to crush their addiction throughout their recovery. Whether you are an addict, recovering addict, or family member of an addict, Sober N Clean has a section that can help you turn your life around.

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